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Venue: Club de Prensa de La Nueva España (Oviedo)

Date: 20th November 2018. 20:00h

Organized by: CSIC Asturias

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The IES Pando in Oviedo organized this morning (9th March) a round table to discuss about the role of Women in Science. Four scientists from the University of Oviedo and the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) participated in this event.

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Two CINN's researchers, Dr. Mario Fernández Fraga and Dra. Olga García-Moreno, are participating on 16th February in the second edition of "The Club of Science". Dr. Mario Fraga will give a talk entitled "Aging: Looking for the biological clock" whereas Dra. Olga García-Moreno will talk about "The Big History".

This event is organized by the local goverment of Oviedo, the CSIC and the Association for Scientific Outreach of Asturias and will take place in the Teatro Filarmónica (Oviedo).

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Venue: Chelsea Café Lounge. Oviedo

Date: 17th May 2017

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Venue: Colegio de Médicos de Madrid (Madrid)

Date: 8th April 2016

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Press and Radio

Quantum physics: Radio interview with Prof. Jaime Ferrer and Dr. Victor García Suarez

Source: Cadena Ser

Language: Spanish

Date: 20th September 2018


Asturian researchers open the door to the use of quantum technology «on a daily basis»

Source: El Comercio

Language: Spanish

Date: 18th September 2018

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Research explains the virulence of pancreatic cancer

Source: La Voz de Asturias

Language: Spanish

Date: 3rd February 2018

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The science of the tiny things

Source: El Comercio

Language: Spanish

Date: 27th November 2017

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Advanced Ceramic Materials for Next-Generation Space Telescope Mirrors

Source: La Buena Tarde. Radio del Principado de Asturias (RPA)

Language: Spanish

Date: 4th October 2016

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"We own two patents that might become the most advanced solution against peri-implantitis"

Source: Gaceta Dental

Language: Spanish

Date: Abril 2016

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Programme for Mature Students of the University of Oviedo-PUMUO
La Gran Historia-The Big History Project

The Big History Project was created to build a social studies course targeting middle- and high-school students and covering 13.8 billion years of history. The course is told through engaging videos, animations, articles, and classroom activities which are available for free at and is aimed at teachers and schools.

The University of Oviedo has a group working in this project, which is led by Prof. Olga García-Moreno (CINN).


European Training Course on Ceramic Nanocomposites


Training course organized by the European Project IP NANOKER

23-27 February 2009. Madrid (Spain)


* Module 1: Materials Process & Product Development Strategy

* Module 2. Synthesis of Nanopowders

* Module 3: Processing of Nanocomposites

* Module 4: Characterization & Behaviour of Nanocomposites

* Module 5: Modelling and Simulation

Watch All Course Videos