Programme for Mature Students of the University of Oviedo-PUMUO

Committed to Training and Education Activities

Subject: Biotechnology

Duration: 2013/2014

Teachers: Dra. Catuxa Prado Cueto (CINN) and Prof. Ricardo  Sánchez Cármenes (University of Oviedo)

Location: Gijón

Objectives: The main objective of the course is to provide students with a simple overview of biotechnology, so that the progress in this field does not result in something oblivious or incomprehensible. It also aims to:

- To make the students familiar with the techniques used in biotechnology.
- To allow the students to acquire the basic knowledge so that they can understand the controversy linked to biotechnology developments.
- To promote and disseminate scientific knowledge.

The course combines lectures with simple experiments that can be performed in the classroom.

DNA extraction from fruits

Experiment carried out on 5th November 2014 using a protocol similar to the one followed in the laboratories and stuff accesible to anyone at home (detergent dishwasher, salt, water, fruit, Isopropyl alcohol ... )

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