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Sep 2014

“Go-no Go” review meeting of HYMaCER project

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The CINN participated last 9th-10th September 2014 in Rauenstein (Germany) in the “Go-no Go” review meeting of the European project HYMaCER (HYbrid sintering and advanced Machining of technical CERamics). The meeting was divided into two sessions: an internal follow-up meeting restricted to HYMaCer members on 9th September, and the review meeting itself, which took place on 10th September and was attended also by the Project Officer (PO) Dr. Andrej Grebenc and the Project Technical Advisor (PTA) Dr. Antonia Ekonomakou.

During the meetings a special emphasis was put on the research work done within Worpackage1 (Material Processing & Characterization of Nanocomposites) and Workpackage2 (Hybrid SPS Technologies) in which the CINN is a key partner. The overall conclusion of the meeting is that the project is well on track, as it was acknowledged by the PO during the review meeting.

After the conclusion of the review meeting all project partners visited the facilities of FCT Systeme GmbH, the only European manufacturer of FAST/SPS systems.

For further information visit the project website

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