Ceramic materials have been traditionally used as cutting tools in the metalworking industry due to their high melting point, excellent hardness and good wear resistance. However, the manufacture of ceramic cutting inserts is difficult and costly due to, among other factors, its extreme brittleness, adverse reactions when working with oxide materials under certain conditions and also the complex machining of the cutting tools from a sintered blank. Therefore one of the current interests of the metalworking industry is to reduce the inserts' production costs while maintaining the same or even improving their properties.

Geotechnical surveys and mining drilling also demand materials able to withstand extreme working conditions. The optimization of these tools and their cost-effective manufacturing are some of the industry demands in order to overcome the current productivity and increase depths and diameters of both surveys and drilling activities.

Metaworking Industry

The CINN has a long-term expertise in the development of ceramic matrix nanocomposites with improved mechanical performance for high-speed machining in the metalworking industry. The research of the CINN has traditionally been focused on electroconductive ceramic-semiconductor materials able to be machined by EDM and ceramic-metal materials with hardness similar to diamond and has resulted in two patents.

Mining and geotechnics

The CINN works on the development of ceramic-based nanomaterials for drill bits, enabling revolutionize existing solutions in the market of machinery and drilling equipment and overcoming the current technological barriers posed by conventional diamond-based products.

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