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May 2014

Nanoker Research hosts the second meeting of the European project HYMaCER

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The second meeting of the European project HYbrid sintering and advanced Machining of technical CERamics-HYMaCER took place in Sotrondio (Asturias) at the facilities of the “Multifunctional Materials Development Unit last 13th May.

The meeting brought together representatives from the 4 companies (NANOKER Research S.L, FCT Systeme GmbH, CERATEC Technische Keramiek BV, SMS Stamp Tool & Mould Technologies BV) and the 3 reseach institutions (KU LEUVEN, CINN-CSIC and IK4-TEKNIKER) involved in the project, with in total 16 participants. The event was preceded by an informal dinner on 12th May 2014.

This regular meeting was mainly dedicated to the follow-up of the on-going project Work Packages and the technical sessions allowed extensive and fruitful discussions as a result of which main issues and actions for the near future were identified.


The HYMaCER partners also had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the “Multifunctional Nanomaterials Development Unit” and see the world largest Hybrid SPS-Hot Press equipment running, which is one of the project cornerstones.

See further information about the project 

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