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Research group on Nanooncology

The project scope includes the manufacture and characterization of oxide nanoparticles, the control of their size, shape, properties of aggregation and functionalization. The project aims to develop and characterize oxide nanoparticles that are able to penetrate tumor tissue effectively and selectively. In addition, it aims to optimize the therapeutic power of the nanoparticles. A strong effort will be put in the modeling of interactions between proteins in rder to identify what changes are the ones that trigger the metastatic process of adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.

The results of the group’s research can have a profound impact on cancer therapy, thanks to the development of Nanotechnology-based techniques that are much more specific and active in the elimination of tumor tissue and which are less toxic to healthy tissue. Potential advances in the use of nanotechnology for the treatment of cancer can only be
achieved through a fully multidisciplinary collaboration, since it requires deep experience in such such as physics, chemistry or oncology.


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Project Details

  • Code: GRUPIN14-121
  • Start Date: 2014
  • End Date: 2017

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