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Specifics of Wear of Ceramic Cutting Tool Inserts Featuring Al2O3-TiC Dies when Face Milling Hardened Cast Iron

This work studies wear kinetics of index able inserts (II) made of mixed ceramics based on Russian-manufactured in case of fine milling of special hardened cast iron with globular graphite. In a wide range of cutting parameters typical for fine milling, an impact of tool insert wearing parameters on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the cutting process have been studied. Morphological traits and nature of wear of work surfaces has been studied using optical and scanning electron microscopy. Criteria of II states, as well as specifics of contact work surface transformation, correlating with force parameters of the face milling process, have been determined.

Publication Details

  • Journal:Materials Science Forum, Vol. 876, pp. 43-49 (2016)
  • Authors: ​​R. Torrecillas San Millan, A. E. Seleznev, V. D. Gurin, P. Y. Peretyagin
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