The research at the CINN  is devoted to the "Controlled Design of Multiscaled Multifunctional Materials" aiming at the development, characterization and full understanding of new multifunctional materials at the nano, micro and macro scales, in order to overcome the limitations of current materials and processes.

The scientific emphasis includes reproducing principles or structures described in animals or plants through bioinspired materials, developing biomaterials offering clinical applications in terms of compatibility, degradability and cell-matrix interactions, examining the behavior and fundamental properties of nanostructured magnetic hybrid materials, complex oxides, bio-inorganic hybrids, nanophotonic phenomena, and assisted self-assembly to provide insights into future applications. Theory and simulation is integrated throughout the CINN's activities.

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Scientific Publications

The CINN publishes an average of 40-50 papers every year in international peer reviewed journals mostly in the research areas of: Materials Science, Physics and Chemistry. A significant number of these papers are in high impact journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Physical Review Letters, Biomaterials, Journal of the American Chemical Society...

Papers published in 2017

Articles in ISI Journals:68

Books: 0

Average Impact Factor*: 3,659

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Papers published in 2016

Articles in ISI Journals:60

Books: 0

Average Impact Factor*: 4,13

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Papers published in 2015

Articles in ISI Journals: 62

Books: 0

Average Impact Factor*: 4,13

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Papers published in 2014

Articles in ISI Journals*: 58

Book Chapters*: 0

Average Impact Factor*: 2,744

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Papers published in 2013

Articles in ISI Journals: 55

Book Chapters: 4

Average Impact Factor: 2,961

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Papers published in 2012

Articles in ISI Journals: 77

Articles in Non-ISI Journals: 3

Book Chapters: 1

Average Impact Factor: 2,54

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