Modelling and Simulation



Ab initio modeling and simulation at the nanoscale

• Development of new functionalities in the Density Functional code SIESTA, and in the Non-equilibrium electronic transport code SMEAGOL.

• Simulation of charge and spin transport at the nanoscale. The research is specially focused on transport through atomic point contacts and molecular junctions.

• Simulation of magnetic properties at the nanoscale. The research is currently oriented towards understanding the magnetic properties of transition metal atomic clusters and chains, and of organometallic molecules.

Modeling and simulation of micromagnetic properties

• Development of analytical models that can describe the behaviour of micromagnetic structures.

• Simulation of micromagnetic properties.

• Simulation of magnetic nanostructures in thin films lithographed at the micron and the sub-micron regimes.

• Analysis of mesoscopic hysteretic properties and high resolution images obtained with Scanning Probes Microscopes (SPM) of magnetic nanostructures.

Head of Research Group

Prof. Jaime Ferrer

Professor of Physics

Facultad de Ciencias. C/ Calvo Sotelo s/n
33007. Oviedo. Asturias  (Spain)

Tel. +34 985102947
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