Publications 2011

Scientific Papers of the Research Group on Multifunctional Materials and Nanocomposites

Davidenko, Y.M.; Fernandez, L.T.; Fernandez, L.R.; Granda, S.G.; Pavlenko, V.O.; Frits’kii, I.O. Structure and spectroscopic properties of mononuclear copper(II) complex with 3,4,5-trimethyl-1Hpyrazole. Ukrainskii Khimicheskii Zhurnal (Russian Edition). Volume: 7 Pages: 77-10

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Fernández-Zapico, E; Montejo-Bernardo, JM; D’Vries, R; Garcia, JR; Garcia-Granda, S; Fernandez, JR; de Pedro, I; Blanco, JA. Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic characterization of metal(II) coordination polymers based on 2-carboxyethylphosphonic acid and 1,10-phenanthroline (metal=Cu, Co, Cd). Journal of Solid State Chemistry. Volume 184 Issue 12 Pages: 3289–3298

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A. Borrell, R. Torrecillas, V. G. Rocha, A. Fernández, V. Bonache, M. D. Salvador. Propiedades mecánicas y tribológicas de materiales nanoestructurados de carburo de silicio/nanofibras de carbono. Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio. Vol 50, No 3 :109-116

Van der Maelen, JF; Garcia-Granda, S; Cabeza, JA. Theoretical topological analysis of the electron density in a series of triosmium carbonyl clusters: [Os(3)(CO)(12)], [Os(3)(mu-H)(2)(CO)(10)], [Os(3)(mu-H)(mu-OH)(CO)(10)], and [Os(3)(mu-H)(mu-Cl)(CO)(10)]. Computational and Theoretical Chemistry. Volume 968 Issues 1-3 Pages: 55-63

Javier A. Cabeza, Ignacio del Rio, Enrique Perez-Carreño, and Vanessa Pruneda. Reactivity of Cationic Triruthenium Carbonyl Clusters: From Pyrimidinium Ligands to N-Heterocyclic Carbenes. Organometallics. Volume 30 Issue 5 Pages: 1148–1156

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N. Garmendia, S. Grandjean, J. Chevalier, L.A. Diaz, R. Torrecillas, I. Obieta. Zirconia–multiwall carbon nanotubes dense nano-composites with an unusual balance between crack and ageing resistance. Journal of the European Ceramic Society 31 (2011) 1009–1014

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