Nanostructured Hybrid Systems



The research focuses on three relevant topics in nanophysics: confinement, proximity and organization effects.

Therefore, the target fields of this research group are related to some of the physical phenomena arising from these three effects. In brief:

• Antiferromagnetic coupling and tailoring of magnetic anisotropy in nanostructures, films, and multilayers.

• Novel experimental techniques to fabricate and analyze nanostructured hybrid systems.

• Ratchet and pinning effects in magnetic and superconducting 2D systems. 

• Proximity and interface effects in ferromagnetic/semiconductor (F/SM) hybrid nanostructures. 

• Plasmon resonance effects in noble metal/ferromagnet (NM/F) hybrid nanostructures and multilayers. 

Head of Research Group

Prof. José María Alameda

Professor of Physics

Facultad de Ciencias. C/ Calvo Sotelo s/n
33007. Oviedo. Asturias (Spain) 

Tel. +34 985103322
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