Publications 2013

Scientific Papers of the Research Group on Nanostructured Hybrid Systems

Hierro-Rodriguez, A; Velez, M; Morales, R; Soriano, N; Rodriguez-Rodriguez, G; Alvarez-Prado, LM; Martin, JI; Alameda, JM. Controlled nucleation of topological defects in the stripe domain patterns of lateral multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. Physical Review B, 88 (17)

Diaz, J; Cid, R; Hierro, A; Alvarez-Prado, LM; Quiros, C; Alameda, JM. Large negative thermal expansion of the Co subnetwork measured by EXAFS in highly disordered Nd1-xCox thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter. Volume 25, Issue 42, 426002

Ruiz-Valdepenas, L; Velez, M; Valdes-Bango, F; Alvarez-Prado, LM; Martin, JI; Navarro, E; Alameda, JM; Vicent, JL. Double percolation effects and fractal behavior in magnetic/superconducting hybrids. New Journal of Physics. Volume 15, 103025

A. Hierro-Rodriguez, G. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, J.M. Teixeira, G.N. Kakazei, J.B. Sousa, M. Vélez, J.I. Martín, L.M. Alvarez-Prado and J.M. Alameda. Fabrication and magnetic properties of nanostructured amorphous Nd–Co films with lateral modulation of magnetic stripe period. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 345001

de Lara, DP; Velez, M; Gomez, A; Galvez, F; Alija, A; Garcia, MA; Martin, JI; Gonzalez, EM; Vicent, JL. Vortex lattice motion in the flux creep regime on asymmetric pinning potentials. Superconductor Science & Technology. Volume: 26, Issue: 3. Article Number: 035016.

Álvarez-Martos, F.J. García Alonso, A. Anillo, P. Arias-Abrodo, M.D. Gutiérrez-Álvarez, A. Costa-García, M.T. Fernández-Abedul. Ionic liquids as modifiers for glass and SU-8 electrochemical microfluidic chips. Sensors and Actuators B Volume 188 Pages 837–846