The objective of CINN's Innovation service is to support both CINN research groups and partner companies in all their innovation processes in order to make them more competitive and sustainable, thus allowing them to effectively address the development of new products and processes and take advantage of new opportunities and market niches arising from their research projects.

Services Offered

Economic Intelligence

The main objectives of the technology surveillance and economic intelligence activities performed by this service are:

• Detection, analysis and monitoring of target markets of interest to the commercial exploitation of results research center.

• Assistance to partner organizations with the implementation and/or execution of technology surveillance activities.

The technology surveillance and economic intelligence service performs two type of activities. On the one hand the implementation of a customized web-based technology observatory that allows the continuous monitoring of the areas of interest identified by the client and on the other hand on-demand reports such as patent reports (patentability studies, non-infringement studies etc ...), market reports (analysis of competitors, customers, products etc ... ), state-of-the-art studies...

Project Management

Design, development and implementation of new ideas or projects, considering aspects such as:

• Internal generation of ideas.

• Selection and definition of innovation projects and technological development.

• Support the creation of indicators decision.

• Support in selecting the execution mode (internal, under contract, publicly funded)

• Seek project execution capabilities (partners... ) based on a broad national and international networking.

• Analysis of potential exploitation routes for the arising project results.

Executive Support:

• Coordination of project teams.

• Project management

• Management of public funds.


The Innovation Service of the CINN coordinates and leads all outreach activities in which the center participates:

• Establishment of dissemination channels: websites, RSS, newsletters, bulletins and publications, social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter...)

• Desing of publicity materials such as videos, presentations, brochures, posters...

• Organization of events such as scientific conferences, press conferences, open days...


The tasks performed include:

• Maintain a close and effective relationship with the Media

• Monitor the quality and informative impact of all communication activities implemented by the center.

• Manage the corporate image of CINN.

• Set-up and manage appropriate communication channels.

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