Thermal Treatments and Sintering


The CINN is fully equipped to perform a wide range of thermal treatments including dilatometric studies, calcination treatments and both presureless and Spark Plasma Sintering.

Services Offered

Dilatometric Studies

Dilatometric studies allow to determine both dynamic sintering curves and materials' thermal expansion coefficients. The CINN has the equipment necessary to carry out the measures under different conditions:

• Analysis at high temperature (up to 1600ºC) in air

• Analysis at high temperature (up to 1600ºC) under inert atmosphere

• Analysis at high temperature (up to 1600ºC) in vacuum

• Analysis in cryogenic conditions ( down to -150ºC) in He atmosphere

Calcination Processes

Two types of calcination treatments are available:

• Calcination in muffle up to 1200ºC.

• Continuous calcination in a rotary kiln up to 1000°C .


Conventional sintering can be performed in air (temperatures up to 1800 °C) and in a controlled atmosphere (up to 1600 °C).

In adittion the CINN has two Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) facilities:

• A laboratory equipment for samples with a size up to 80 mm in diameter

• An industrial scale research equipment for the fabrication of blanks up to 400 mm in diameter. Additionally, this equipment allows to carry out sintering in a hybrid Hot-Press / SPS mode.

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