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Dec 2015

The European project HYMACER on hybrid sintering and advanced machining of ceramics concludes successfully

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The HYMACER project has demonstrated the feasibility of manufacturing fully dense large blanks of advanced ceramics by Hybrid Spark Plasma Sintering.

During the two years of the project the CINN in collaboration with Nanoker Research SL, KU Leuven and FCT Systeme GmbH worked on the optimization of the synthesis and processing of the project’s selected raw materials (both alumina-matrix composites and zirconia-matrix composites) and their corresponding sintering cycles in the hybrid SPS-HP system of the CINN. The work performed has allowed the successful fabrication for the first time of fully dense blanks of novel ceramics with diameters between 150mm and 400mm and thicknesses up to 32mm.

The SMEs NANOKER Research SL and Artooling have machined the supplied blanks discs and fabricated cutting-tool inserts and components for stamping punches and dies respectively and are ready to launch tests on an industrial scale to evaluate the performance of these components in real working conditions.

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